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The Unknown Artist

When we collect our inspiration boards for a season, it's never about a specific person (ie: Bob Dylan in 1967) or location (ie: North Shore of Hawaii in 1983), it's always an assortment of images compiled from a variety of sources. Product, artwork, material, color, space and value are all relative in terms of our complete aesthetic. We live in a world that has been curated by nature and man, both at odds, and sometimes, oh so rarely, in harmony. We know nature is the perfect creator, so how do we give credit to the "who" of the human aesthetic? For starters, there are billions of contributors spanning thousands of years. But the "who" is less important than the collective sum, the pantheon of creative history, good and bad. We live in it, with it, see it and hear it on a daily basis. Each and every choice we experience is designed or created by someone out there. For Spring 13, we named the collection, "The Unknown Artist." It's our way of giving credit to those whose work inspires our everyday creative process even though in many cases we don't know exactly who they are.

Sorry Picasso, you're taking a back seat today...

"For Spring 13, we named the collection, "The Unknown Artist." It's our way of giving credit to those whose work inspires our everyday creative process even though in many cases we don't know exactly who they are."

"While the duo may not know who's work it is inspiring their latest collection, they certainly know a thing or two about what modern guys need to be stocking in their closets come Spring 2013. Shipley and Halmos understand the simple fact that cool guys, just like them, don't need to clear out their wardrobes for a new haul each season; instead they only want to add special essentials that ensure they'll make it through the next six months in style. And they will be with the duo's latest lineup that offers smart fitting sportswear, and a must have khaki cotton suit, in an array of soft, chalky hues unconventionally paired together and tempered with neutral tans. The brand's signature sense of fun comes out in pieces like all-over pattern button-downs, a butter yellow utility parka, and a satin navy baseball jacket, but the whole set is ultimately anchored by clean, classic pieces guys will wear again and again."

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"A gym-class sweatshirt in the new Shipley & Halmos collection is appliquéd with the words "Unknown Artist." Har, har—a very S&H joke. But Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos meant it seriously, as they explained in their Soho studio. Spring, Shipley said, is "a celebration of the aesthetic created by people contributing to a creative society." The duo listed street signs, ads, and more as inspiration points—their board is covered with pieces whose designers they can't identify. Nor do they want to. Looking good is good enough.

"This collection is a celebration of the aesthetic created by people contributing to a creative society."

It's refreshingly ego-free for designers to forgo logo-dropping for the peculiar pleasures of anonymity, but it's where Shipley and Halmos have been directing their efforts over the past few years. "In the marketplace, our clothes are meant to complete a guy's look," Shipley said. There's no expectation that S&H will be the sum total of anyone's wardrobe. That being the case, there's no need to put wheel-reinventing pressure on their wares. They've made a smart business on affordable suiting (here, with more blazer separates), jeans, five-pocket chinos, shirting, and knits. There were standouts throughout, including an indigo spray-dyed striped sweater and the new poly-satin version of their classic baseball jacket, but the whole here was greater than any individual part."

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