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By Shipley & Halmos

Here you are considering a step into the void of printed shirts. There are too many clichéd jokes to make about why you may be afraid, but know that printed fabric cut into shirting is timeless. You are meant to carry that torch forward.

Take a look below and find the print right for you. Don't be scared of what your buddy Tim (that guy who thinks he knows everything about fashion just because he uses terms like "button stance" and "collar spread") is gonna say, because now you can spout off the designer's inspiration. Who's gonna argue that, right?

Island - Artist Print

First off, you can't go wrong with a short sleeve woven shirt for spring and summer. It's so versatile - shorts, jeans, chinos, tucked in, untucked, sleeves rolled, get the drift. Inspired by "action" arts, this particular shirt is special because the entire print was hand-illustrated by the genius art collective known as Kylan* and even features some hidden S&H ampersands. Go out and throw some paint somewhere.

* Kylan is our Art Director. He's kinda like this.

Booster - Atari Dot

It's been a charade long enough, and it's time we finally say it: Atari Dot is not a print. But it is beautiful if we do say so ourselves? The appeal of this shirt is in layering. Equally wearable under your dad's hand-me-down jean jacket or under your new crewneck sweatshirt. You don't always have to be bold for patterns; fun with subtlety is always welcome.

Island - Light Tan Dots / Booster - Light Blue Dots

One of the artist big heads featured in our seasonal look book is Roy Lichtenstein. We're all familiar with Roy's Ben-Day dot madness (dude was consistent, if anything). This dot print signifies our respect for the years Lichtee spent giving the world exactly what it wanted but never knew it did. Polka dots are as classic as classic gets. Their quiet uniqueness in faded tan and blue makes them easily wearable. The cotton fabric has a lightweight gauze backing that makes the shirt incredibly soft and comfortable.

Booster - Squiggles Print

The Paisley (or "Persian Pickle") was brought back to England by returning traders and scattered all over fabrics in the 18th and 19th centuries. History took care of the rest. The Brits loved it, then they loved New England, and as fate would have it, Sam and Jeff later setup shop in NYC. BOOM. Presented to you is our version (also with some hidden ampersands) - unassuming, easy, great to layer, fun, upholding tradition, modernized. Wear this to the office under a blazer and you'll get that promotion. Promise.


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